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About Us

Technicplastic Company was founded with the contribution of late Hadi Baghernezhad in Tehran in 1980. It has been active ever since by producing different plastic parts for home appliances and hygienic products. As the leading producer of washing liquid pumps in the Middle East, the company is proud of continuing its activities for more than 30 years. Through innovation in production lines and a distinctive quality of products, it is a major competitor for the products of other countries in the Middle East.
In addition to supplying a large portion of Iranian market with premium quality, being committed to the timely delivery of orders, and offering reasonable prices, company’s products have managed to enter the region’s markets including those in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, and so on. Enjoying highly advanced production and assembly lines, skilled manpower, and premium quality, the company is now capable of procuring, producing, and exporting different types of washing liquid pumps.